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Cyber Resilience 

Breaches run rampant today. Cyber resilience is the measure of an organization's ability to get back up and running quickly, no matter what.


Cyber resilience is how today's organizations refuse to be knocked offline by cyberattacks. This is what cyber resilience means to us.

Cyber resilience, supercharged by AI

Because what you don't know can hurt you, we partner with Webroot and its more than a decade of experience protecting users with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Cyber resilience offers uninterrupted access to critical data

Mission-critical data should never be out reach. With our lineup of high-availability backup solutions, it never is.

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In cyber resilience, every layer matters

Your defences start with cybersecurity. But cybersecurity experts know not to stop there. Backup is an essential component of any cyber resilience stack.

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Cyber resilience means no more memories deleted forever.

In 2020, Carbonite:

1 million

Protected 1 million cherished files on home computers

169 billion

Secured 169 billion users' files

5 billion

Recovered 5 billion lost or accidentally deleted files and photos