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Carbonite™ Server Backup

Protect your systems with flexible and rapid recovery

Carbonite Server Backup gives your business a secure, all-in-one server backup and recovery solution for physical, virtual and legacy systems. Because it’s flexible, you can have local, cloud and hybrid configurations. Altogether, your business can recover critical systems quickly.

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Despite paying a ransom,

17% of ransomware victims were unable to recover their data.

The Hidden Costs of Ransomware, OpenText Business Solutions, 2021


Carbonite Server Backup gives your business all the options you need to recover from the different forms of downtime you’re likely to face:

Rely on flexible deployment to get protection for local, cloud or hybrid systems.

Easily monitor and manage all server environments from a single pane of glass.

Recover data quickly, with near-zero downtime, and easily, by using bare metal, granular file and application-aware options.

Rely on local or cloud failover for peace of mind.

Solve questions by turning to our award-winning support.

Reliable all-in-one solution for physical and virtual servers with optional, integrated hardware from a single vendor


Carbonite Server Backup gives your business customizable and secure server protection:

Allows for optional, integrated hardware from a single vendor.

Offers granular restore of systems as well as recovery to a VM.

Recovers Microsoft application data to fully functional states.

Optional cloud failover with pushbutton failback for critical systems.

Gives VMware and Hyper-V protection, with RTO as low as two minutes.

Provides expansive platform support for over 200 OS versions, applications and platforms, including Windows, Linux, IBMi series, AIX and more.

Includes potential ransomware scanning, alerting and remediation.

Supports immutable and hourly backups for select jobs and comes with comprehensive scheduling and targeted alerts for any missed items due to backup schedule clashes.

Allows for forever-incremental backups, saving only incremental changes to your data and significantly reducing backup times after the initial backup is complete.

Configuration options

Carbonite Server Backup gives you a single all-in-one solution that covers almost every data protection and recovery need. To protect your entire server environment, you don’t need to integrate or manage multiple solutions.

With your solution, you can choose from various configuration options:


You can pair a Carbonite appliance with any physical and/or virtual server to centralize data backup and recovery throughout your organization, as well as remote and branch-office locations.

Local appliances

Local appliances allow for rapid local restore, rapid VM recovery and when bundled with another Carbonite product, local failover. Appliances can be purchased world-wide. By owning the appliance, you can use it as a satellite in a replication chain, or as an active or passive vault.

Hardware as a service (HWaaS)
In North America, you can get all the benefits of an appliance with a subscription. It covers both the hardware and software needed to replicate your servers to Carbonite’s cloud.

Virtual Machines

Carbonite Server Backup gives you an easy and affordable way to back up and recover virtual machines, physical servers and critical legacy systems for businesses of all sizes. This bundle combines the long-term protection of local and cloud backup with the speed of local failover for key systems in the event of an outage.

Diagram showing Carbonite Server Backup process.

How it works

Efficient backups

​​With Carbonite Server Backup, data is replicated from physical or virtual servers to the backup server only once. After the full backup completes, only incremental backups are needed. You also can set up forever-incremental backups with flexible retention options for up to seven years.

Flexible recovery

When a server has an outage, you can restore the full server (including the OS, data and applications) or you can perform a granular recovery of files, folders and application data.

Optional cloud failover

If your local data center becomes unavailable, Carbonite Server Backup offers push-button cloud failover to avoid costly downtime. Your critical systems are securely replicated from the primary environment to the cloud, providing an up-to-date failover copy.

Rapid VM restore

Your business can rapidly recover a failed VM or Hyper-V to a fully functional state in as little as two minutes. When convenient, you can migrate the recovered VM back to permanent storage. You also can run continuous backups of the restored VM to make sure it's protected. Also, verify backups by easily testing the VM in minutes.

Supported platforms

Operating systems:




IBM iSeries




Granular recovery:


Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft SQL databases and tables

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Active Directory

Application-aware agent plugins:

Microsoft SQL

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Exchange

Oracle Database

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Server Backup FAQ

What is server cloud backup?

Server cloud backup replicates critical business systems from the primary environment to the cloud, providing an up-to-date secondary copy. This helps organization protect against ransomware, human error, hardware failures, and natural disasters as a secondary copy is readily available and may be accessed from anywhere, even if the local data center is unavailable.

What is the best way to backup a server?

The best backup is the one that optimally meets your business needs. There are many options to securely backup and quickly restore backup files, folders, and application data. For example, Carbonite offers hourly and forever incremental backups with flexible retention options, cloud failover for critical systems, immutable backup ‘safesets’ for extra protection, or restore full servers with bare metal restore. Business should choose a straightforward and reliable backup and recovery solution that securely preserves data confidentiality and integrity while minimizing downtime for their day-to-day operations.

Is the cloud considered offsite backup?

Yes, cloud backups are commonly used for offsite backup. For an effective backup strategy, businesses should follow a 3-2-1 backup strategy.

  • Have 3 copies of your data
  • On 2 different types of media
  • With 1 copy off-site

Cloud backup is a great way to store a backup copy off-site as it can shorten recovery time and provide higher system availability at a lower cost over traditional off-site means, such as tape.

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