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Grow and succeed with OpenText™ Cybersecurity

We’re committed to making it easy to do business with us. That’s why we’re excited to deliver the Accelerate Partner Program, which keeps your growth in mind.

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Become our partner

The program gives you access to the following and more across the Carbonite product portfolio (as well as Webroot’s):

All products

eLearning courses for training and certification

Deal registration

Sales and marketing tools

Internal and Not For Resale (NFR) licenses

Now you can deliver a complete layered solution for your Carbonite customers. And that means increased revenue opportunities for you.

Take advantage of joint business planning

We foster effective collaboration by offering a joint business plan. It’s the way we show our commitment to grow partnerships.

Standardized for enhanced partner engagement

  • Delivers consistent joint business planning and templates across OpenText Security Solutions Partners.
  • Determines participation in Market Development Funds (MDF) program - lead passing.

Target growth and GTM initiatives

  • Increases our ability to execute on growth strategies together.
  • Includes commitments like revenue goals, certified sales and technical staff, marketing activities and qualified leads.

Measurable for value-driven relationships

Defines and standardizes KPIs on order commitments to let you track your success and drive sales.

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Gain customers with NFR licenses

Not For Resale (NFR) licenses give you the opportunity to drive sales. You can secure new customers by using product licenses. That means you can demonstrate Carbonite solutions easily to prospects.

Use NFR licenses to:

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Gain hands-on learning with our products.

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Easily demo our solutions to customers.

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Evaluate products with free licenses.

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Protect your systems with internal licenses

Internal licenses let you protect your internal systems beyond what NFR licenses offer. Plus, there’s a significant discount based on your partner level.

Guarantee success with training and certification

Learn how to be successful when selling Carbonite products by enrolling in our growing learning library. All training includes the following to help you learn and be successful:

Relevant information

Knowledge checks

Sales simulation

You also can achieve certifications for each sales and technical course. And combining them can earn you greater achievement. You can use your badges and achievements on your website, in your email signature or anywhere else to demonstrate your knowledge of Carbonite solutions.

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Access all tools on the partner portal

Find everything you need to accelerate your business, all in one place. The Accelerate Partner Portal brings together eLearning courses, sales and marketing tools, licensing and much more.

Our partner program, your growth strategy

Are you a reseller? A Managed Services Provider? Or do you want to become one? Take advantage of personalized support, profitable incentives and growth opportunities for your business.

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