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Data management for your business’ critical data

Carbonite’s portfolio of data management solutions ensure you get uninterrupted access to your business data. Our automatic backup and recovery products protect your business from downtime, risk and revenue loss.


You can migrate, replicate and failover any type of environment. Also, your business can comply with ever-evolving industry regulations thanks to our archiving products.


Our united front of best practices and layered solutions allows your business to maintain uptime - all the time.



of small and medium businesses have lost customers or revenue due to downtime.

TechRadar, June 15, 2020

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Achieve cyber resilience

Cyber resilience is the continuous access to personal and business data, even in an era of unprecedented cyber threats. Cyber resilience helps keep your company secure and its data protected. That way you can serve your customers, employees and investors regardless of the cyber challenges you may face.

Our data management products

Carbonite™ Server Backup

Get a secure, all-in-one backup and recovery solution for physical, virtual and legacy systems. It can be deployed on local, cloud and hybrid configurations.

Carbonite™ Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Comprehensive backup and recovery of SaaS applications with central management, granular restore, rapid recovery and flexible retention options.

Carbonite® Endpoint Backup

Protect and manage employee laptop and desktop endpoints across your organization, thanks to flexible deployment.

Carbonite® Availability

Prevent downtime and data loss since your physical, virtual and cloud systems are continuously replicated.

Carbonite® Recover

When a disaster strikes, you immediately can failover to your secondary system and limit your business’ downtime.

Carbonite® Migrate

Migrate your physical, virtual and cloud workloads - to and from any environment, with minimal risk and near-zero downtime.

Carbonite™ Information Archiving

Archive and secure historical electronic communication. Plus, easily search and manage archives to protect your organization.

Need security products for your business?

Browse our family of Webroot security products to discover how our solutions can boost your business' cyber resilience.

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of ransomware victims were unable to recover their data, despite paying a ransom.

The Hidden Costs of Ransomware, OpenText Business Solutions, 2021

A woman sits near a window, working on her laptop that’s protected from data loss thanks to Carbonite business solutions.

Our partner program, your growth strategy

Are you a reseller? A Managed Services Provider? Or do you want to become one? Take advantage of personalized support, profitable incentives and growth opportunities for your business with our Carbonite Partner program.

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