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Technical Support Addendum

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Last Updated: January 17, 2023

This Technical Support Addendum sets forth the technical support available in connection with a software license or service subscription (“Technical Support”).  Capitalized terms not defined herein have the meaning given to them in the underlying agreement for the applicable Services or Software.



OT shall classify each support request (“SR”) and provide support based on the following tiers:

Support Tiers



First Line Support*

Basic help desk resolution and front-line service desk delivery

  • First call resolution
  • Triage of technical issues
  • Resolution of known issues
  • Identifying severity and escalating

Second Line Support

In-depth technical support with technicians who know the product and systems

  • Symptom Identification
  • Provide Break-fix/Corrective support
  • Troubleshooting the product
  • System/Network Tuning

Third Line Support

Expert technical knowledge to support product and service problems

  • In-depth technical resolution
  • Defect Detection and Analysis
  • Software Development
  • Testing and Releasing Patches
*Partners must provide First Line Support to their end-customers prior to escalating support requests to OT.


a. Technical Support may be provided by telephone, e-mail, or chat.
b. OT shall assign each SR received a severity level and a target response time in accordance with the following:

SR Classification

SR Definition

Target Response Time*

Security Level 1

Production system is down, or the or Software is functionally inoperable

2 hours (must be logged by phone)

Security Level 2

A performance issue that has a significant impact on normal operations of the Services or Software or materially restricts Your use of the Services or Software (system is operational, but performance may be impacted)

4 hours

Security Level 3
*As a rule, SRs reported via email and/or for non-production systems are classified at this level.

A performance issue that has a minor impact on normal operations of the Services or Software, or a minor defect in the functionality of the Services or Software that does not materially restrict Your use of the Services or Software.

24 hours

Security Level 4

A performance issue that is a non-critical question or issue that does not affect the performance or functionality of the Services or Software.

48 hours

*Response Times are targets and not guaranteed. For the avoidance of doubt, the times listed are estimated times to respond and not times to resolve a SR.


a. OT will provide Technical Support for the preceding release of a Service or Software for a period not to exceed 12 months following the date of the latest version release. OT will not provide Technical Support for unsupported versions of the Service or Software.

b. OT’s ability to deliver Technical Support depends upon Your full and timely cooperation as well as the accuracy and completeness of any information You provide.

c. Your request will not be eligible for Technical Support if the situation was caused by:

i. Changes to Your operating system or environment that adversely affect the Services or Software;
ii. Your use of the Services or Software for any purpose other than as explicitly specified by OT;
iii. Your use of the Services or Software with equipment or software not recommended or supported by OT;
iv. Any alterations of, or additions to, the Services or Software made by anyone other than OT; or
v. Your violation of the underlying agreement for the applicable Services or Software.