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Article · Feb 1, 2022

Protect your photos, snapshots and selfies to keep your memories safe

We rely on our digital photos to remind us of the time we spend with our loved ones. That means they’re worth protecting. You can guard against accidents and disasters by choosing to back up your photos and folders with an option that has unlimited space, secure cloud storage, automatic protection and remote access.

Our memories

Whether your family – chosen or biological – lives far away or just down the hall, your photos of them are probably some of your most precious possessions. Luckily, gone are the days when we might only have a few photos of our loved ones.

Now that everyone has a camera in their pocket, we can take as many snapshots and selfies as we want. But just because we don’t rely on having just one physical copy of a photo doesn’t mean our digital copies don’t need protection.

Why backup?

comprehensive backup option that’s safe and secure protects you from all kinds of disasters. Your important documents and cherished memories are protected from computer viruses, accidental deletion and even theft.

Backups create a second version of all your files and data and then stores that information on a secure server. With a backup, if the files and photos on your computer are destroyed, there’s still another version that you can access and download.

The 4 features all the best backups share

Now that you’re considering a backup option to protect your files, folders and photos, it’s time to find the right solution. The best backups all share these 4 features:

  1. Unlimited space. You shouldn’t have to pick and choose which of your photos are important enough to keep safe. Make sure to look for unlimited backup.
  2. Secure cloud storage. Cloud-based protection keeps you safe from local outages and disasters.
  3. Automatic protection. Accidents won’t wait for you to drag and drop every new file. Automatic protection does all the work for you by continuously creating new backups whenever you upload a photo or save a file.
  4. Remote access. What’s the point of having a backup if you can’t access what you’re protecting? With remote access, you have the freedom to view your files and photos from anywhere.

Securing your files and photos

Don’t let an accident or disaster permanently delete your most important memories. No matter how often you spend time with your loved ones, your photos and videos are worth protecting. Invest in a backup solution and make sure it offers unlimited space, secure cloud storage, automatic protection and remote access.

Explore Carbonite™ Safe backup plans

Millions of families protect their photos, documents and files with Carbonite.

Our award-winning cloud-based backup solutions all feature unlimited storage, so you won’t have to comb through your files and photos to find the important ones. Each of our plans also include automatic file and photo backup as well as remote access, so you can show off your snapshots wherever you are.

We also have advanced options that include Webroot® computer antivirus, external hard drive support and more. No matter what you and your family need, we have a plan for you.

Discover why so many families trust us to protect their cherished memories.


Kyle Fiehler

Kyle Fiehler is a writer and brand journalist for Carbonite. For over 5 years he's written and published custom content for the tech, industrial, and service sectors. He now focuses on articulating the Carbonite brand story through collaboration with customers, partners, and internal subject matter experts.

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