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Uptime. All the time.

For today’s mid-market businesses, even the tiniest disruptions can cost customers, damage reputations or shutter storefronts. Never lose access to mission-critical data, even if ransomware strikes.

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Ransomware: How businesses and individuals are attacked

Report: phishing attacks are up, and few are spared

IDG Report: Phishing Attacks Are Up, And Few Are Spared

Criminals were quick to target COVID-19 in their phishing schemes at the beginning of the pandemic. In fact, phishing attacks spiked by 510% from just January – February 2020. Carbonite + Webroot spoke with 300 global IT professionals and published our findings in a white paper. In their eBook, IDG reviews the best defenses against phishing and settles on recommending a multi-layered approach. Learn how this defense can help you and your business stay safe.

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Cyber Resilience Solutions

Protecting against ransomware requires covering all your bases: frontline defenses and end-to-end, immutable backups. The solution that’s right for your business depends on its unique circumstances, which is why we offer customizable cyber resilience solutions including: