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How to backup a PC

Windows backup tools

Microsoft gives Windows users a couple of options to backup their important pictures and files on their PCs. While they each have different security features, best practice is to supplement Microsoft's options with additional cloud protection.

Windows Backup
Windows Backup is a utility that comes prepackaged with Windows. It’s available through the Control Panel and it enables you to make backup copies of all your files. When you launch the utility, a software wizard helps you set up automatic backups and configure settings. And Microsoft recommends, for good reason, using a separate disk for backups for added security.

Microsoft 365 users have access to OneDrive, Microsoft’s file hosting platform. It’s essentially a cloud storage service that includes file sync and share features. Like other file sync and share services, OneDrive will only protect the files you upload when using it.

Best Backup for Windows PC

If you’re using Windows Backup to store copies on an external hard drive, you should also backup your external hard drive with a cloud backup plan like Carbonite®. This will ensure your files and pictures are safe if you experience a local catastrophe such as a flood, fire or theft. While OneDrive will protect files at a separate physical location, it’s not a true backup solution because you have to manually upload files, and only those files are protected. Carbonite automates the process, which lowers your risk for accidental deletion, overwriting and other forms of human error.

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