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Article · May 4, 2021

CSI, Carbonite Provide Disaster Recovery as a Service to Ease Regulatory Burden on Financial Clients

Infrastructure, management, upkeep, testing – maintaining data backup compliance can be a massive burden for the heavily regulated finance industry. Disaster recovery as a service can lighten that load.

Banking and credit unions are heavily regulated. That means their IT support teams need to understand the unique specifications and pressures lenders are under. CSI, Inc. has made a name for itself by being comfortable working with financial and data security regulations.

Off-site backup and quick recovery for business continuity are two key capabilities for their clients. Without these, they may run afoul of regulators and put the viability of their business at risk. That's where they rely on CSI, Inc. to setup and maintain the solutions that keep them in the good graces of regulators.

In turn, CSI looked to Carbonite™ to help them challenge one of the most challenging problems facing IT support specialists in the financial industry: Disaster recovery. For clients, implementing a disaster recovery solution of their own is a significant financial burden.

"For them, it means buying a lot of expensive infrastructure that, if all goes well, they'll never have to use. Then, they need to keep it up and running, have the staff to maintain it and test it to make sure it works if the time ever comes. That's a huge burden for our clients," says CSI product manager Shawn Eftink.

"Ultimately, we couldn't just go out and buy a piece of software. We needed a partner that was going to be our backup and recovery expert."

Check out this video with CSI, Inc. to learn how we were able to collaborate and find an answer in Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), ultimately lightening the load on their clients and positioning the company as one that could meet their needs without breaking the bank.

To learn how we keep businesses up and running, even when the unthinkable happens, learn about out Carbonite Recover product.


Kyle Fiehler

Kyle Fiehler is a writer and brand journalist for Carbonite. For over 5 years he's written and published custom content for the tech, industrial, and service sectors. He now focuses on articulating the Carbonite brand story through collaboration with customers, partners, and internal subject matter experts.

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