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Owning a small business is no small deal. It’s why Carbonite™ Safe protects data on up to 25 computers and devices. Bundle it with Carbonite Safe Server Backup and you can restore what’s lost in moments.

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Ready to start? All computer and server data can be backed up, and recovered easily after any data loss.

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Recover files instantly

Always-on backup means you don’t have to worry about losing files. Critical documents are always accessible. They along with entire systems can be restored at a moment’s notice if data is deleted or becomes corrupt, or a computer is damaged, stolen or infected by ransomware.

Monitor & access on any device

Monitor automatic backups of computers and servers, and access back-up sets via a secure, Web-based dashboard on any device.

Restore files after an infection

Did a crypto virus or ransomware infect files on your backed-up computer? Don’t panic. You can restore backed up data at any time. And within two weeks of a ransomware infection, our support team can even assist you with restoring the pre-infected versions of your files.

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Cloud backup for up to 25 computers with Carbonite Safe

Or backup unlimited servers, with Carbonite Safe Server Backup (which comes bundled with Carbonite Safe)

Protects all file types

Offers monitoring of automatic backups & secure access to files from any device

Recovers files, folders or entire systems instantly

Access your back-up management console from anywhere with a simple browser

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Carbonite Backup + Webroot Virus Protection awarded again & again

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  • Award from PC Magazine

    Award from PC Magazine

  • 2021 Gold Stevie Winner

    2021 Gold Stevie Winner for Sales and Customer Service

  • 2021 People’s Choice Stevie Winner For Customer Service

    2021 People’s Choice Stevie Winner For Customer Service

  • 2021 Bronze Stevie Award for Sales and Customer Service

People are working at a communal table on laptops, which run Carbonite auto backup to protect against data loss.

Need to protect data on more than 25 computers?

Our solutions for business can help.

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