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Article · Mar 28, 2023

Taking the guesswork out of business resiliency

The hidden costs of unplanned downtime

Downtime strikes IT organizations from a multitude of sources. From natural disasters to user errors and malicious attacks, downtime can strike at any time. Add in planned downtime like applying patches or OS and hardware upgrades and IT teams can guarantee that downtime will impact some of their systems every year.

54% of respondents have lost customers or revenue due to downtime1

The cost of that downtime can be high. For revenue-generating systems, it is measured in thousands of dollars every hour. For business systems, lost productivity is similarly costly. Less easily defined are the potential losses associated with customer loyalty, end user dissatisfaction and competitive positioning.

To recover quickly requires having an up-to-date business continuity plan to manage the failover from one system to the another, or worse case one site to another.

Successful business continuity starts with a global view of your environment

Keeping your organization resilient against disruptions is difficult. Here are just a few challenges:

  • Complexity of IT environments with diverse
  • Availability of trained staff at all hours
  • Multiple physical locations
  • Data on-premises and in the cloud.

That is why businesses need to create a Business Continuity Plan, conduct regular reviews and keep it up to date. Even with a well-developed plan, the execution must be orchestrated and automated to meet the required recovery point and recovery time objectives.

Now you can take the guesswork out of business continuity planning, testing, and execution. With Carbonite® Availability and Perpetuuiti Continuity Patrol™ you have a total solution for highly available systems with a complete view into your environment for greater planning, mapping, analysis and testing.

One solution for end-to-end visibility

Having a single view into your environment for business continuity and resiliency management is enabled with Continuity Patrol™ and Carbonite™ Availability.

Perpetuuiti Continuity Patrol (CP) provides real-time enterprise visibility for intelligent business service availability management, orchestration, and automation. It helps organizations build resiliency against cyber recovery and disaster recovery scenarios and automate the recovery paths of business services from disruption with the lowest recovery point objectives (RPOs) and fastest recovery time objectives (RTOs), dramatically limiting data loss and downtime.

Carbonite Availability enables IT organizations to maintain the highest availability of their Windows and Linux servers by preventing downtime and data loss. With support for physical, virtual or cloud source systems or target environments, the Carbonite Availability solution is a comprehensive high availability option for organizations with mixed IT environments.

Together Carbonite® Availability and Continuity Patrol™ deliver a highly available environment that is simple, scalable and cost-efficient.

View and manage business continuity with ease

Thumbnail of Carbonite Perpetuuiti white paperCarbonite® Availability and Continuity Patrol™ provide the foundation for your business continuity strategy. Having highly available systems means being able to withstand infrastructure failures, site failures and accidental data loss and, if necessary, quickly recover. Together, we help provide the data protection visibility, automation, management and execution for business continuity.

For additional information, read Improving business resiliency with high availability and greater insight.


1. TechRadar, Survey highlights the heavy costs of business downtime, June 15, 2020


Philip Wandrei

Phil Wandrei is Director of Product Marketing for Carbonite data management portfolio products. In his role, he enjoys highlighting the business value and benefits technology brings to organizations.

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