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Article · Nov 1, 2016

Introducing E2: Powerful hybrid backup designed for small businesses

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When it comes to true hybrid backup with dedicated on-site hardware and automatic cloud retention, E2 changes the game.

E2 is a complete solution that combines advanced technology from EVault with Carbonite's ease of use and small business know-how. It has everything your small business needs to protect data both on-site and in the cloud. There are no upfront hardware costs, no complicated retention policies and no need to calculate how much cloud space you’ll need. E2 does it all for you.

The dedicated E2 backup appliance is delivered “as a service.” So we handle any maintenance or updates. And we provision enough cloud capacity for a full year of backups. So it’s simpler on budgets and on resources. The entire solution is powered by advanced technology from EVault, one of the leading providers of backup and disaster recovery since 1997.

Watch this brief video for more details about the E2 hybrid backup solution.

Data retention settings are pre-configured so that your business keeps its most recent daily backups on-site for accelerated recovery, and an entire year of backups in the cloud for site failures and true disaster scenarios. The subscription price includes hardware, software and year of retentions.

E2 is perfect for businesses with about five or fewer servers. We offer two packages based on the total amount of data your business needs to protect: 500 GB or 1 TB. If you need more than 1 TB of protection, our EVault line has multiple options to choose from.

Monitoring and managing the solution is also easy with E2’s web-based portal. It’s highly intuitive and continually updated for ease of use. Recovery is extremely flexible, with options for both granular and bare metal recovery—you can even restore data to dissimilar hardware. You can log in to the portal from anywhere. With end-to-end encryption and top-tier datacenters, you can rest assured your data will remain secure at every step. E2 is very competitively priced and ready to ship. All you really need to do is plug it in.

Since acquiring EVault, we’ve been working hard to bring you a combined solution that gave you the best of what Carbonite and EVault have to offer.


Steve Jurszak

Steve Jurczak

Product Copywriter

Steven Jurczak is a Product Copywriter on the Corporate Marketing team at Carbonite. He blogs about backup and recovery technology, information security and IT industry trends.

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