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Article · Oct 2, 2017

Get to know the Carbonite Availability console

Get to know the Carbonite Availability console

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All the features and functions of Carbonite Availability Powered by DoubleTake are easily accessed through a user-friendly, browser-based console. This makes it easy for IT to administer the solution conveniently and rapidly in the event of a system outage. The Carbonite Availability console is a central management tool that controls everything from deployment of the software to failover of a production server in the event of an interruption.

Carbonite Availability

Customizable options allow IT admins to activate licenses immediately following installation of the software. An administrator can also specify the parent directory location where the installation files are located, and enable a license inventory for managing licenses across the network. Additional configuration options include the location of the queue folder, amount of system memory to use and minimum free disk space that must be maintained.

The console monitors protected servers at specified intervals. Once configured, the software polls the server and the console refreshes the monitoring data at the predetermined frequency. It also allows automatic retry if the server login credentials are not accepted. The console lets administrators export diagnostic data, and view log and data files to troubleshoot errors.

A dedicated page in the console allows IT administrators to view, add, edit and remove servers, organize servers into groups and filter viewable servers based on predetermined criteria. The console includes options for protecting individual applications, such as Oracle or MySQL. It also enables flexible protection options for physical-to-physical, physical-to-virtual, virtual-to-virtual and virtual-tophysical configurations.

Carbonite Availability offers a simple way to simulate protection to generate statistics that can be used to approximate the time and amount of bandwidth a source or job type will use. When using this diagnostic tool, no data is transmitted across the network. This helps you plan your implementation strategy.

Special configurations
Additional configuration may be required in large or complex environments. Carbonite Availability can be used in a wide variety of network configurations. Through years of testing and implementing in diverse environments, we’ve compiled a list of recommended optimizations. Our professional services team can help you determine what will work best in your environment.

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